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Kristy Cairns
Group Manager

Exhibit Companies A-C, #'s

Phone: 604.639.2288 ext 231 | Toll Free: 800.633.8332 ext 231


Started with MPE: October 2012

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Alex Black
Exhibit Sales Consultant

Exhibit Companies D-N

Phone: 866.941.0673 ext 213 | 587.323.6101


Started with MPE: April 2015


Casey Matulic
Sr. Exhibit Sales Consultant

Exhibit Companies O-Z

Phone: 403.542.1649


Started with MPE: November 2011

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Sarah Carr Headshot website 2

Sarah Carr
Operations Manager

Phone: 866.941.0673 ext 212 | 587.323.6117


Started with MPE: June 2014 

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Marketplace Events, LLC
Rimrock Plaza PO
PO Box 70060
Toronto, ON M3J 0H3

Phone: 403.253-1177

Toll Free: 866.941.0673

Fax: 403.253.7878

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