Meet Christopher Grubb

Oct 20, 2016
We are thrilled that interior designer Christopher Grubb will be joining us at this year’s Edmonton Fall Home Show. The President of the Beverly Hills, California based Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc, is internationally recognized for his creative and unique work that encompasses the individuality of each client. Leading up to the Edmonton Fall Home Show, the California native shared a few of his interior design tips and tricks with us.

Christopher Grubb

Q: How do you help your clients design a space reflective of them?
Chris: “This can be tricky…especially when you’re dealing with a couple. The most important thing to remember is that it’s never about compromise. Rather, negotiation is the key to success. Designers, contractors, remodelers…we all need to understand that both partners need to feel like they are being heard and that their needs are being met. It’s not about giving up something you want for the other. It’s about negotiating so that everybody feels like they are having their needs addressed."

Q: For homeowners who live in a smaller space, what are your tips for making it feel larger and more functional?
Chris: “Multifunction! Multifunction! Multifunction! It’s all about versatility. Use movable furnishings that may be easily reconfigured for various types of gatherings. For example, decorative small stools used for extra seating can also double as tables. I find using floating pieces of furniture such as dining buffets or book shelves help give the impression a room is larger. Since these pieces don’t sit on the floor, the flooring materials continue underneath and is a great way to fool the eye the room is larger."

Q: Is it possible to design a cutting edge home that is timeless at the same time?
Chris: “I definitely think so! Natural stone to me is timeless in more neutral colors, as is wood. Actually, neutrals in general for major pieces of furniture are a great way to create a canvas. If someone wants to add some colorful pillows, paint a feature wall, install a new area rug and accessories, they can give the room a fresh look or update on a budget. But the basis of the design is timeless."  

Christopher will be presenting “Luxury Trends & Tips in Today’s Bathroom Design” on the Urban Barn Main Stage presented by the Edmonton Journal on Friday, October 21 at 5 p.m., and Saturday, October 22 at 5 p.m. We can’t wait to see you there! Haven't picked up your Edmonton Fall Home Show tickets yet? Get 2-for-1 when you connect with us on Facebook and treat a friend or family member to the show!

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