Friday, October 20th

4:00pm  Damini Mohen- Mini Kitchen

How to transform your leftovers, using Mini Kitchen Curries

5:00pm  Ryan Hotchkiss- Bündok
Transferring Boondocks into Bündok

6:00pm  Vikram Redgaonkar- Highlands Golf Club
Brunch; Fresh & Local


11:00am Medi Tabtoub- Vivo Restaurant

12:00pm  Peter Keith & Will Kotowicz- Meuwley's
Sausage making tips from the Secret Meat Club

1:00pm  Tony Le- Century Hospitality Group
Rebel Food & Drink

2:00pm  Peggy Adams- Juniper Cafe & Bistro
Simply from Scratch

3:00pm  Chris Hrynyk-Sorrentino's
Harvest in Tuscany- Learn about the recipes Chef Chris brought back from Italy

4:00pm  Daniel Huber & Elias Lefort- Second Line Food Services
Southern favorites and fall time sensibility. Collared Greens and Second Line spicy pickles will be work shopped for all in attendance!

5:00pm Gloria Bednarz-The Art of Cake
The Art of Cake

6:00pm  Damini Mohen-Mini Kitchen
How to make delicious stir-fry using Mini Kitchen Spices


11:00pm  Steve Buzak -Royal Glenora Club
"creme de la creme." of creme brulee

12:00pm  Levi Biddlecomb- Red Seal Chef
A Unique Fall Harvest

1:00pm    Ayumi Yuda- Ikki Izakaya
Variety of Sushi (California Roll & Cupcake Sushi)

2:00pm    Serge Belar- The Shaw Conference Centre
For the love of smoked meat

3:00pm    Chris Hrynyk-Sorrentino's
W.T.F.?: What lurks in the brain of a Chef? Outside-the-box recipes-because we can

4:00pm  Damini Mohen-Mini Kitchen
Think outside the box with our butter chicken