Todd Talbot

Todd Talbot
Co-Host Love It or List It Vancouver

In Love It or List It Vancouver, co-host Todd Talbot is best known for his real estate savvy, keen sense of style, and quick wit. A native of Vancouver, BC, this is Todd’s latest venture in a long and diversified journey that has brought together his passion for real estate, investing, renovations, and design as well as film, television, and live theatre performance.

A real estate entrepreneur at a young age, Todd has owned and renovated multiple properties. He has also created and operated several real estate companies in marketing, design, and staging and has worked with many clients to buy and sell homes. His other calling as a performer came when he was a teenager with a starring role on the hit TV series, Fifteen on Nickelodeon. From there, he attended theatre school in England and ultimately found his home on stages across the country. A veteran of the Canadian theatre community for more than two decades, he has starred in dozens of award-winning productions, a path that helped set the stage for his latest role as TV personality. With his many accomplishments and interests, Todd is never happier than with his family or when he has been tasked with renovating or building his next project. Recently, he launched a new website,, where he takes visitors on a journey through his own home renovation, and offers a behind the scenes glimpse into his life both on and off the screen.

Presentation Topic: 3 Keys to Success: Form, Function, and Finances 
A candid talk about Real Estate 'on and off’ TV
Todd Talbot will take you on a journey through his personal real estate experience exploring how to maximize profits when buying and selling. See 5 kick-ass renovations that add the most value to your property! Plus a bonus look 'behind the scenes' of Love it or List It, Vancouver and the making of a real estate TV show!

Christopher Grubb

Christopher Grubb

Owner, Arch-Interiors Design Group

For over twenty years, Christopher Grubb has remained enthusiastically driven and passionate about applying his diverse design styles to his clients’ individual needs and unique set of challenges. His design firm, Beverly Hills-based Arch-Interiors Design Group, Inc., is internationally recognized for its creative and unique work on residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects, as well as high-end medical design. While some designers apply their signature look to every project, Christopher employs his intuitive design method, which involves first learning about his clients’ individuality to create a one-of-a-kind environment that captures the essence of the distinctive style surrounding their business or personal life.

Presentation Topic: Luxury Trends & Tips in Today's Bathroom Design 
Reflecting a deep desire for a “luxury experience,” clients now demand enticing and exquisite elements that give a sense of indulgence no matter what their budget might be. Christopher Grubb uses his own projects as examples to explain which materials, finishes, fixtures, architectural elements and decorative details help to infuse a sense of extravagance into the bath. Based in Beverly Hills, Grubb brings tips from some of the most affluent clients and celebrities. He’ll demonstrate how these ideas can be modified to suit a wide spectrum of budgets to bring consumers trend-forward luxury features that answer their demand for opulence.

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Leigh Ann Allaire Perrault

Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault

As a colour & design aficionado, lifestyle expert, and DIY doyenne, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault has spent years crafting a unique philosophy for design that fuses ingenuity, whimsy, and quality workmanship – all on a “frugalista” budget.  She believes that we shouldn’t take our spaces too seriously, and that great design is not about how much money you spend, but rather how creative you can be. Amongst the many hats she wears, Leigh-Ann is a regular contributor on Cityline.  With a passion to educate and inspire, Leigh-Ann embraces every opportunity she gets to spark creativity and instill confidence in others who strive to “DO IT YOURSELF”.

Presentation Topic:
The Art of Upcycling: How to Discover, Transform and Repurpose Old Things

Leigh-Ann shares her many upcycling tips and trips.  Learn how to spot a diamond in the rough at a yard sale, on the side of a curb and even in your own home, look beyond the obvious and, with the right tools, a little elbow grease and a whole lot of TLC, re-imagine discarded pieces.

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Rosalyn Lazaruk

Rosalyn Lazaruk

Owner, Wicket Blue Interiors

The genuine passion of designer Rosalyn Lazaruk for décor, space and event design has inspired her success as a designer. Rosalyn has been working in design and decor for over a decade and established her own business, Wicket Blue Interiors, in 2004. She has a broad repertoire of experience both in designing personal spaces within the home, as well as in implementing intriguing space and design concepts within the commercial and event settings. Insightful and infinitely resourceful, Rosalyn understands the intimate relationship of design and self-expression and is devoted to developing and implementing unique design ideas that reflect the vision and individuality of her clients.

Presentation: Style Influence 
There are so many things around us that influence our personal style. From retail icons, local shops, bloggers and Instagram; new styles, design and decor images are coming at us from every direction. Rosalyn Lazaruk will cover some of her favourite influencers both locally and globally and talk about her thoughts on what is up and coming for design and decor in 2017.

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Candace Wolfe

Candace Wolfe

Creative Director, Candace Wolfe Design

Known for her candid tell-it-like-it-is persona, Candace‘s approach to life and design is why clients love working with her.  Candace lives to create and is passionate about interior architecture.“I love the way I FEEL when I walk into my home.Everyone should feel that way!

The launch of Candace Wolfe Design, follows 15 years of success Candace has experienced as an Interior Designer in residential and commercial firms.  Her technical training, industry knowledge, and admitted pursuit of perfection mean that she manages the process – so you don’t have to. Candace works hard, but when not designing she plays hard too.  With an enthusiasm for exploration – whether travelling to a new city, or taking in something new in Edmonton where she lives – she finds inspiration in everything around her.   Her creative pursuits go beyond design including photography, and the writing she does for the CWD blog.   Her happy place?  Surrounded by friends and family, especially her two nieces.

Presentation Topic: 
Best Bang for Your Buck: When to DIY and When to Hire
Everyone wants to love their home but no one wants to spend a fortune to make it happen. Learn how to get the most out of your renovation dollars by identifying the right trade for your project, which jobs should be left untouched -  by even the most savvy DIYer - and learn to be confident in knowing which projects you can do yourself. Through cost comparison analysis, Candace will walk you through the savings and time-savers to illustrate what your renovation is really costing you.

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Danny + Megan Headshot

Danny Israel & Megan Schwann

Principal Realtors, Community

With a combined 20 years of experience in the professional service industry, Danny Israel and Megan Schwann identified that the real estate landscape had changed. These shifts had caused Edmontonians to alter their expectations of real estate professionals (and rightfully so).  More than just door-unlockers and ""sold"" signs, COMMUNITY'S agents apply the principles of wise monetary investment with the importance of lifestyle when assisting clients. Neighborhoods are certainly not a one-size-fits-all commodity. By truly understanding what makes you tick, they can identify more than just a house, ultimately delivering a home.

Presentation Topic: TBA

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Connie Stacey head shot

Connie Stacey

President, Growing Greener Innovations

Connie Stacey is the owner and president of Growing Greener Innovations.  She is well versed in the world of technology and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Programmer Analyst Diploma, and her PMP designation.  Connie is passionate about developing products that are environmentally friendly, an after gaining more than 20 years experience in technology and business, she launched Growing Greener Innovations.

Presentation Topic: Super Batteries and the Evolution of Portable Power 
Get an introduction to energy density, the battery that powers the Tesla electric car, and how portable power truly has become. Stop being tied to the grid; Power anywhere! 

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Maureen Wright J. lewis headshot

Maureen Wright and Johanne Lewis

Owners and Designers, MoJo Design

Maureen Wright (Mo) and Johanne Lewis (Jo) are among Edmonton’s most prominent interior designers. In 2010, with their passion for design and combined 45 years of experience in many aspects of the industry they launched Mojo Design Inc with design, renovation, and home staging as their main focus. Their vision and purpose is to build lasting relationships with their clients and with trust and integrity at the core of their beliefs. It  is important to them that their clients are satisfied and enjoy the environment that they have created for them. Have you had your home MoJo’d yet? Visit for more information. 

Presentation Topic: Have You Had Your Home MoJo'd Yet? 
Are you needing help to create your dream living space but are worried that your style and dreams will be overlooked by a designer? Maureen Wright (Mo) and Johanne Lewis (Jo) will guide you through a simple design update as they give you the in's and out's of what it means to work with a designer during your home renovation or design makeover.

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Kenton Zerbin

Owner, KZ Permaculture

Kenton Zerbin is an inspirational speaker, teacher & consultant who empowers others to design edible properties, develop community and build efficient, down to earth homes. A teacher by degree, Kenton's passion is facilitating a quality education as a professionally certified permaculture teacher. He has designed multiple properties, taught in three countries and been a guest speaker for gardening groups, education conferences and universities alike.

Presentation Topic: Tiny Homes: Why, How, and Wow! 

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