Thousands of homeowners converged at the Edmonton Expo Centre for three days at the 2018 Edmonton Fall Home Show, making it a must-attend event. With ideas in mind and money to spend, visitors eagerly walked the show to gain inspiration and meet with more than 200 Exhibitors and experts to discuss their projects.

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For three days only, sell face-to-face to over 16,000 homeowners. Make money. Find new customers. Will you see this many qualified buyers during the same time frame if you’re not here?

84% are 25 – 64 years of age
59% are female, 41% male
94% own their own home
Average attendee income is $100,000+
75% are satisfied with Marketplace Events’ shows
82% only attend our show
88% would recommend a Marketplace Events show to friends & family
88% are pleased with the value they receive for the cost of admission

Spending Demographics
73% are planning to spend $500 – $10,000+ with an exhibitor within 12 months of the show

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